it's like sitting on the Moon...

A Glow in the Dark Revolution...

Continuing to move forward with innovative ideas, meet this years' new Glowinthedark lamps and shades, launching at the Clerkenwell Design Week. Check them out!

The clever shades absorb the daylight and/or bulb light and once turned off they continue glowing, giving light naturally in dark areas.

Suitable for any interior space.

Glow in the dark lampshade/lights


  • Turn your lights on like any other lamp but once turned off the shade continues emitting light naturally!

  • Great for those dark areas.

  • The longer the light is on the brighter and longer the shade will glow!

  • Glow time lasts up to 6 hours!

Bespoke lampshade sizes are available upon request. Get in touch to place your custom order.

Glow Globe - 20cm diameter

Glow Globe - 20cm diameter

Glow Globe - 30cm diameter

Glow Globe - 30cm diameter

Glow Globe - 40cm diameter

Glow Globe - 40cm diameter

Glow Globe - 50cm diameter

Glow Globe - 50cm diameter


Includes an ASTA approved 6" Pendant Lampholder comprising ceiling rose, pendant Lampholder and heat-resistant twin-core circular cord.

  • Length: 1m

  • Mount Type: Ceiling

  • Bulb Fitting: Bayonet Cap - B22

  • Colour: White

  • Type: Ceiling Fitting

  • 9w/60w LED daylight bulb

For bulk orders please contact us directly.


"It's like sitting on the Moon"

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