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Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

"Who’s afraid of the dark?"

No fear, with this double-function lamp that never leaves you out of the light. MySlouch founder Yvonne Slough launched her iconic Glowinthedark Beanbag at last year’s CDW, and returns this year with her collection of glow in the dark lamps and lampshades, suitable for any interior space.

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Clerkenwell Design Week

"What a brilliant invention!..."

Clerkenwell is home to creative businesses and architects, making it one of the most important design hubs in the UK. Its Design Week has become a fixture on every desginers' diary whether to showcase or walk around gathering inspiration.

MySlouch was proud to be invited to particpate and exhibit at the event - receiving exciting comments that are related here. Our staff were on their feet all day, every day as this unique invention was launched to the general public.


"...glow in the dark, sooo cool..."

Queues of people waited their turn to experience the exotic ambience decorated for them in the special compartment built for the event. The MySlouch beanbags were radiating...


"A light in the darkness"


Adventurous and inqusitive droves relaxed in the midst of the day among the throngs of other incredible designs. This futuristic approach was only enhanced with some natural creativeness from the team at MySlouch - as can be visualised in the photos.

By scrolling over the fabric with some direct light (such as a torch) the scribbles and swiggles were traced and stored. The effects astounded everybody!

It is easy to contact us directly to find out more about the glow in the dark beanbag product. Fill in the contact form and press send to deliver it to our mailbox.

As featured in the online magazine...

Glow in the Dark Lights

Among the most surprising products I’ve seen I can easily place the fluorescent lamps of Yvonne Slough that glow in the dark for 4 to 6 hours thanks to the use of a natural pigment instead of regular artificial fluorescent paint.

The appeal of these objects changes drastically when switching the light off, creating a different ambiance and mood around them.

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As featured in the online magazine...

Embracing Luminescence

In our Space trend (issue 37, Spring Summer 2016), we predicted that finishes would embrace luminescence, playing with light to create illusory effects and finding inspiration in far off planets. We have already come across a slew of new projects that literally glow, encapsulating everything from jewellery to artwork and, as with these Slouch Bags, even garden accessories. During the day these bags absorb natural light and then become luminescent when it gets dark. They are eco- friendly, durable, water repellent, salt resistant and fire retardant compliant. As founder Yvonne Slough explains: “Its like sitting on the moon.”

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The the many requests flowing in to the team, we are always delighted by the increased fan base generated by this superb product. If you would like to find more of how this will enhance your event / venue please do get in touch.

"What a wonderful slouch!..."


Every message is dealt with personally so that you get the attention that you deserve.


"It's like sitting on the Moon"

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, and MySlouch beanbags are an easy to slouch on piece of furniture. It also has tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site, just like MySlouch couches that suit every leisure industry consumer experience.

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