it's like sitting on the Moon...

"A Luminescent surprise!"


Because of the unique manufacturing qualities, the glow in the dark, eco-friendly, quirky, MySlouch beanbags are both eye-catching and fun!


The technology behind the development means that hotels, bars and other beach-side taverns can enjoy the benefits of:

  • durability

  • water repellent

  • eco-friendly

  • light-pollution free

  • salt-corrosion damage limited

  • fire retardant compliant


"Perfect for the outdoors"

The beanbag serves as a quality attraction in its own right - and can be used as a bonus delight to any outdoor - and indoor - hotel, club, and restaurant. Applications do not end there since imagination takes this to the confines of your own home!


"A light in the darkness"


The material design is flexible enough so that we can print corporate details, logos and advertising slogans on it, making your event a talking point with everyone in the crowd.


For more details about the glow in the dark beanbags and on how to place an order just drop us a line and get in touch.

A word of thanks to our resident photographer, Luis da Cruz, who captured all the great pictures. Other shoots are on free for viewing at

It is easy to contact us directly to find out more about the glow in the dark beanbag product. Fill in the contact form and press send to deliver it to our mailbox.


"It's like sitting on the Moon"

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, and MySlouch beanbags are an easy to slouch on piece of furniture. It also has tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site, just like MySlouch couches that suit every leisure industry consumer experience.

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