it's like sitting on the Moon...

"A comfort like no other..."


The new sensation is here. MySlouch proudly presents its glow in the dark bean bags. This is like no other product on the market. For all your summer events we are able to provide you and your guests with a unique experience.


This is more than just fun. It ticks all the boxes for a real and different engagement between you and your party. Whether on the beach or in a secluded venue, MySlouch beanbags are the talk of the town...

Welcome to the world's first glow in the dark bean bags! It is in fact better than it sounds, with rave reviews and compliments from all those who have tried and tested it out. Don't be a slouch, rather be a MySlouch perfectionist in these exquisite all-round luxury items.


"Stand out from the crowd - literally"


MySlouch was born about through the creative abilities of founder of the brand, Yvonne Slough. Find out more...

Can you imagine those times when you were on the beach, at the resort, with the tide flowing out, the sun setting giving way to the moonlights' shine. Candles on the sand often blow out or are a fire hazard - and this is where the MySlouch beanbags surpass all other options... These glow in the dark!


That's right... As glorious as it sounds, the special fabric absorbs the light and as the day turns to night, the ebb of the envorinment takes hold, the beanbags begin to glow!

As strange and as wonderful as it sounds, you have to experience it for yourself! As enthusiasts exclaim after experiencing the delights:


"It's like sitting on the Moon!..."


People are awashed with the uniqueness of the product - and you will be too! Get in touch to request an information pack on how we can bring this fun, practical and incredible piece of furniture to your establishment.

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